The Team

Our Physicians

Dr. Shahid Aziz MD    Endocrinology 

Dr. Mohammed Akram MD    Family Medicine

Dr. Muhammad A. Mughal MD    Family Medicine 

Dr. Sarah Samreen MD FAAFP    Family Medicine

Dr. Nafea Ali  MD                        Geriatric Medicine

Dr. Leah Awan MD                      Family Medicine

Dr. Sheema Samdani MD    Emergency Medicine

Dr. Nadeem Haider MD    Psychiatry

Dr. Nasir Syed MD    Pulmonology

Dr. Rashid Sharaf MD    Nephrology

Dr. Bushra Yusuf MD Nephrology

Dr. Suhaib Haq MD FAAFP    Family Medicine

FNP.  Sailaja Anam Thupili  Family Nurse Practitioner

Our Board Members

Dr. Rudolpho Urby

Dr. James Andry

Dr. Suhaib Haq

Our Volunteer Staff

Aboozar Ali

Fatima Ali

Sakina Goderya

Zenia Haq

IT/Website Design:

Mr. Zain S. Haq


About Us

Our Mission



A group of dedicated professionals has come together to volunteer their time and establish the El Bari Community Health Center. The vision of our founding team is that the El Bari Center will provide a charity clinic for the medically underserved of San Antonio at a time when many residents of our city remain in need. Thanks to the generous support of the Muslim Children Education and Civic Center, who have provided both space and utilities.

Our mission is to provide care for the patients who lack any kind of health insurance and can not afford medical care. This includes those whose income falls under 150% of the poverty level and are not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, or Carelink. Our strategic location and the experience of our staff also allow us to provide culturally competent care to anyone who has made San Antonio their home.

Our goal is to provide high quality evidence-based care from people whose full hearts and passion for service have led them to give their time to the medically under served of San Antonio.

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